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  • caBIO 4.0, 4.1 Retirement Announcement
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The current version of caBIO can be accessed through a variety of end user and programmatic interfaces, described on the caBIO Wiki.

CBIIT has been maintaining multiple versions of caBIO programmatic interfaces (Java, SOAP, Grid APIs, RESTful services) to allow sufficient time for users to transition during caBIO upgrades. caBIO 4.0 and caBIO 4.1 were retired in June, 2012. The retirement included:

  • caBIO 4.0 - Java and SOAP APIs, RESTful Services, Grid Services, caBIO Home Page
  • caBIO 4.1 - Java and SOAP APIs, RESTful Services, caBIO Home Page


Please let the caBIO team know (email Application Support) if the caBIO 4.0 and 4.1 retirement has had any impact on your efforts.

The caBIO team is also providing ongoing data refreshes in 2012.

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