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  • caBIO 4.3.2 Data Release Notes
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caBIO 4.3.2 Data Release Notes

Data Sources Refreshed in this Update

NCBI Unigene (Human and Mouse)


Human Build #232 (4/11/2012)

Mouse Build #193 (7/11/2012)

Entrez Gene (Human and Mouse)


GO Ontology Annotations from CGAP

Updated with each caBIO data refresh

cDNA libraries from CGAP, Unigene

Updated with each caBIO data refresh

HomoloGene from CGAP

Updated with each caBIO data refresh

BioCarta Pathways from CGAP

Updated with each caBIO data refresh

CTEP Protocols

April 2, 2012


August 08, 2012

Constrained Elements from Compara Ensembl


Refseq mRNA

August 20, 2012

NCI-Nature Curated Pathways from PID

August 2012

Reactome Pathways from PID

August 2012

Affymetrix Array Annotations


Release 32, June and July 2011

Human U133 Plus 2

Human Mapping250K_Nsp

Human Mapping250K_Sty

Human Mapping50K_Hind240

Human Mapping50K_Xba240

Human HuEx-1_0-st-v2

Human HG-U133A_2

Human HG-U133A

Human HT_HG-U133A

Human HG_U95Av2

Human HG_U95B

Human HG-U133B

Human HT_HG-U133B


UCSC mRNA Annotations

Human: hg19, August 19, 2012

Mouse: mm9,  August 12, 2012

SNP annotations from dbSNP


Build 137 release, June 26, 2012
UniProtJuly 11, 2012

Human: NCBI 37.3, Oct 05, 2011

Mouse: NCBI 38.1, May 14, 2012


Data sources not refreshed in this update

The SNP Consortium SNP Annotations

June 7, 2007

Illumina HapMap Arrays

Version 3, 2007

Agilent aCGH 244K Human Genome Array

May 1, 2010

Agilent 44K Human Genome ArrayApril 30, 2010
Agents from Canada DrugBank Version 2.5, April 2009

Cancer Gene Index Data

phases I - VI of the Cancer Gene Index, 2009

UCSC Cytoband

Human (06/14/2009)

Mouse (08/22/2007)

Canada Drugbank

Version 2.5 (04/2009)




The caBIO data can be accessed through the following interfaces

Java API  

Web Services 

Grid services  

caBIO Portlet

caBIO Home Page 


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