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caBIO General

How do I install my own instance of caBIO?

Users typically install the caBIO client software to access data on the publicly available caBIO server hosted at the NCI. This allows users to take advantage of the ongoing data management facilities offered by the NCI caBIO project. A formal installation package for installation of the caBIO server is not available. If an organization is interested in installing the caBIO server and entire data repository, that organization can contact Application Support for assistance. Users can install the caBIO client, which accesses the NCI caBIO server via the NCI CBIIT download site.

caBIO Functionality

Different results from gene to expression array reporter

The detailed description can be found in GForge Tracker Item 13595 (no longer online).

Issue: different query paths return different results:
The first path query:

select count(*y) from array_reporter_ch where discriminator = 'ExpressionArrayReporter' and gene_id = 73548

It returns 15

The second path query:

select count(*y) from array_reporter_ch a, nucleic_acid_sequences
where a.discriminator = 'ExpressionArrayReporter' and a.gene_id = 73548 and a.NAS_ID =

it returns 10

Reason for the differences:
About 12% representative_id in Affymetix annotation file cannot match accession number of nucleic_acid_sequence (from Unigene).
Therefore the NAS_ID of array reporter is empty with those representative ids and then the second path query returns less rows.

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