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The information and links on this page are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.

caCORE Tools Overview

The caCORE (cancer Common Ontologic Representation Environment) tools for model-driven software engineering include:

The caCORE Build Process Diagram illustrates how these software engineering tools work together and rely on caDSR and EVS to build an application that is caBIG® compatible.

Downloads and Support

Download Center
Application Support email
Telephone: 301-451-4384
Toll Free: 888-478-4423

Development Documents: Scope, Design, Release Notes, Javadocs


Information for Developers

About the caCORE Tools Wiki

This is the wiki for caCORE tools. The "child" pages include wiki home pages for the caCORE tools. See also the caDSR Wiki, the EVS Wiki, the Vocabularies and Common Data Elements (VCDE) Wiki, and the Architecture (ARCH) Wiki.

The development team posts working documents on the wiki, as well as detailed product information. Here you can see what's new in the caCORE product line and CORE infrastructure, learn about the software, and contribute if you have the right wiki permissions. (Click New Account in the top right corner and complete the form to sign up.)


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