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The main page of the CDE Browser contains three areas: the context search tree on the left, the data element search pane on the right, and the tool navigation buttons and links located across the top of the window.

Screenshot of the main CDE Browser window with search tree and basic search form labeled.

The buttons at the very top of the window provide access to the CDE Cart, this user guide via the Help button, and navigation back to the main Home page of the CDE Browser. The What's New button provides access to the Release Notes for the current version. The Available Downloads button provides direct access to the NCI Wiki page where you can obtain pre-configured downloads of commonly desired groups of CDEs. The URL for the downloads wiki page is:

The Home and Help buttons appear at the top of every screen of CDE Browser, allowing you to return to the main page or access the user guide at any time.

The links located across the top of the window, above the main search form area provide access to other caDSR online resources, including the CDE Curation Tool, the NCI Terminology Server, Form Builder and the UML Model Browser.

The CDE Browser provides several different ways to find CDEs. The best method to use depends on what you are looking for. Generally, if you are looking for an existing collection, such as a list of the CDEs used on a form, or you want to browse the CDEs associated with a context or classification, you should use the context Search Tree. Otherwise, your best bet is to search by keyword using either the Basic Search or the Advanced Search form.

Regardless of which method you use, the results of your search will appear in the search results table, located in the area below the Basic search form in the CDE Browser window.



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