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Data Elements that match your search criteria appear below the search fields in the search results table.

This chapter includes the following topics:

Navigating Search Results

The Search Results table provides for a variety of functionality pertaining to the CDEs listed, including sorting the results, searching within the results, viewing CDE details, comparing multiple CDEs, and adding CDEs to the CDE cart. You can also download the results into a variety of formats for review and analysis outside of the CDE browser.

Screenshot of CDE Browser search results table

If you used the search tree to return results, breadcrumbs appear above the search results that provide a hierarchical display of the folder level you are currently viewing.

Screenshot of Search Tree search results with selected node labeled and breadcrumbs indicating selection highlighted.

If you used the Advanced Search form and your results do not include items you expected to see, keep in mind that the criteria entered on the Advanced Search form are processed as logical "AND" statements when the Browser performs the search. The results returned are only those CDEs that qualify against ALL the criteria entered.

See Search Preferences for information on which data elements are excluded from the search results by default, and how you can change those settings if needed.

Sorting the Results

By default, the data element results are sorted first by Registration Status, then by Workflow Status, and finally by Long Name.

The following list shows the order of the Registration Status sort:

  • Standard
  • Candidate
  • Proposed
  • Qualified
  • Superseded
  • Standardized Elsewhere
  • Retired
  • Application
  • Suspended
  • (Blank)

The following list shows the order of the Workflow Status sort:

  • Released
  • Approved for Trial Use
  • Draft New
  • Committee Approved
  • Committee Submitted
  • Committee Submitted Used
  • Draft Mod
  • Retired Archived
  • Retired Phased Out
  • Retired Withdrawn
  • Retired Deleted
  • Released-non-compliant
  • Long Name
  • Alphabetically

The CDEs are initially sorted in this way to ensure that the CDEs with the highest Registration and Workflow status appear at the top of the list. However, you can sort the results as needed by clicking on the column heading that you want to sort on. The Browser lets you sort on up to three columns.

The current sort order is displayed immediately above the results table so that you can easily determine at any time how the results are currently being sorted.

Screenshot of CDE Browser search results table with the sort order labeled

Searching within Search Results

If your initial Keyword search returns too many results, you can filter that list by performing a subsequent search within that list of CDEs. To do so, click the Search within results link located above the original search results.

The only difference between the original search and a "Search within results" is that searching within results applies your search criteria to only the current result set. To initiate a new search across all caDSR CDEs click the New Search button.

Example of a Search within results:

The user conducts an initial search for the term "*Name". The CDE Browser returns 2593 matches.

screenshot of too many results

The user clicks the Search within results link located below the Basic search section of the window. The original result set continues to be listed with the original search criteria identified at the top, and the Search button changes to a Search within results button, allowing you to enter additional search criteria.

Screenshot of CDE Browser window after Search within results is selected

The user then enters "*Person*" into the Keyword text box and clicks the Search within results button to search for the new term within the original matches.

The new result set contains 145 matches, down from the original 2593 matches, providing more accurate and manageable search results.Screenshot of search results set after secondary search is performed.


It is important to know that any download of the Search Results list will contain the CDEs returned from the initial search, and do not take in to account any "Search within results" you may perform. Using the above example, a search on "*Name" returns 2593 results. A search within those results for "*Person*" returns 145 results. If you select to download at this point, the original 2593 results are exported. If you need to limit the results that are exported, use the Search Options radio buttons to perform a single search on All of the words instead of nested searches. You can also use multiple terms and wildcards in the search text box, or add CDEs to the CDE Cart from multiple searches and generate the download from there.



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