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6 - Using the CDE Cart in CDE Browser| CDE Browser User Guide | 8 - Downloading CDEs

Comparing CDEs allows you to view a selected set of data elements in a convenient, side-by-side format. This chapter provides information on selecting and comparing CDEs.

The chapter includes the following topics.

Adding to the CDE Compare List

To compare CDEs, you will need to perform a search, select the CDEs that you want to compare, and add them to the compare list.

To add CDEs to the compare list

  1. Run a search for CDEs from the Data Element Search page.
    Add CDEs to Compare list
  2. Check the boxes next to the CDEs in the search results that you want to compare.
  3. Click Add to CDE Compare List.

  4. A success message appears above the search results table, and the selected items are added to the list of CDEs to be compared.

    Adding More to the Compare List

    To add more CDEs, you can perform another search, select additional items, and add the items to the Compare List.

    Compare CDEs button

  5. When you are ready to view the CDEs, click Compare CDEs.
    The Compare CDEs page displays most of the key details pertaining to each CDE.
    Compare CDEs Panel

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Navigating the Compare List

As with other pages in CDE Browser, the Compare page can be quite long. Certain components help you navigate the information:

  • The links at the top of the CDE Compare page allow you to quickly navigate to the section you want to view. The action buttons, such as Excel Download, appear at both the top and bottom of the page.
    Links at the top of the Compare list
  • You can also expand and collapse sections.
    Expanding and Collapsing Compare sections

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Reordering the CDEs in the Compare List

You can change the order of the CDEs on the compare list.

To reorder the CDEs

  1. Click and drag the data element's column heading to the new location. In the example below, data element 3 is moved to the first column.
    Reordering CDEs
  2. The CDEs are moved and shifted into the appropriate location.

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Removing CDEs from the Compare List

You can remove some of all the CDE's on the Compare CDEs page.

  • To remove individual CDEs from the compare listing, click the delete icon in the CDE column that you want to remove. In the example below, CDE 1 is removed from the Compare list.
    Removing CDEs from the compare list
  • To remove all of the CDEs listed, click the delete icon in the left column heading.

    The selected CDE(s) is removed from the compare list. You can add more CDEs to the comparison or export the remaining list of CDEs to Excel.

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Downloading CDEs from the Compare List to Excel

You can download all or the selected CDEs from the Compare CDEs page to an Excel file for offline sorting, manipulation, and analysis. The Excel file retains the same basic side-by-side comparison layout. Data element derivation details are included in CDE downloads.


To eliminate stress on your local and network resources, the caDSR team packages the most commonly requested sets of CDEs for download. We strongly recommend reviewing the pre-configured CDE downloads by clicking Available Downloads at the top of the CDE Browser page.

To download all the CDEs from the compare list

  1. To select all of the CDEs for download, check the box in the left column heading and click Excel Download.
    Download all compare CDEs to Excel

  2. Follow the prompts to Save the CDEs to the spreadsheet file.
  3. The CDEs are exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

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6 - Using the CDE Cart in CDE Browser| CDE Browser User Guide | 8 - Downloading CDEs
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