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National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
CDE Browser 5.3 Release Notes
August 16, 2017

Product Changes


  • CDEBROWSER-280 Derived Data Element Component CDEs need to be accessible from the CDE Cart so they can be used on Forms
  • CDEBROWSER-365 User can search for classification in clusters called a "container"
  • CDEBROWSER-506 Add type-head to Additional Search text fields
  • CDEBROWSER-517 Re-implement Download Template Link for Protocol Forms
  • CDEBROWSER-531 User can display and search (type-ahead) for any Classification (context independent)
  • CDEBROWSER-577 Implement type ahead for search by name field
  • CDEBROWSER-713 Display Data Element Concept tab Registration Status in DEC Details Page
  • CDEBROWSER-745 Automatic search when removing or changing filters causes unnecessary searching
  • CDEBROWSER-773 Add Change Note to Admin Info Tab
  • CDEBROWSER-800 Derived Data Element Component CDEs need to be Downloaded
  • CDEBROWSER-802 Provide a URL that opens to search results for a Context, Classification Scheme, or CS/CSI
  • CDEBROWSER-803 Add Data Element Concept Alternate Definitions
  • CDEBROWSER-825 Add Data Element Concept Alternate Names

Bug Fixes

  • CDEBROWSER-440 Form is not displayed under Protocol Forms when the Contexts are different
  • CDEBROWSER-683 Choose CS from search tree or drop-down list returns different number of CDEs
  • CDEBROWSER-717 Search by protocol form should return all the CDEs used in that Form, regardless of CDE’s Used By/Owned By
  • CDEBROWSER-726 DEC Compare fields Object Class and Property missing from Comparison Matrix
  • CDEBROWSER-729 Classifications table on the CDE compare page is empty
  • CDEBROWSER-738 On CDE Browser DEV tier, when user types wrong username or password, user is redirected to QA tier PWCS
  • CDEBROWSER-760 INC2747877: Value Domain - Context Name is incorrect in CDE Browser
  • CDEBROWSER-795 Add Object Class long name Public ID Version and Context to the compare matrix
  • CDEBROWSER-796 Add Property long name Public ID Version and Context to the compare matrix
  • CDEBROWSER-801 Fix or Remove Drop Down search mechanism
  • CDEBROWSER-814 NCI-INC0185630 - Error message on CDE Browser
  • CDEBROWSER-830 CDE cart Error in CDE Browser User KUMMEROA
  • CDEBROWSER-831 Search Preferences Inconsistent After User Logout
  • CDEBROWSER-837 When CDE is not latest version, the Component Data Elements displayed on Data Element Derivation page is incorrect
  • CDEBROWSER-842 CDE Browser Object Cart Saving more than 1,000 CDEs Problem
  • CDEBROWSER-847 On DEC Detail page, the column title in Property Concepts table should align left

Known Issues

JIRA TrackerDescription

 User Can View "More Details" about the Object Class and Associations from a link on the Data Element Concept Tab

Workaround: None. The "More Details" tab was used to view associations between Object Classes when we were loading UML Models to caDSR. This feature is a low priority and has not been slated for a future release. Please contact the CBIIT help desk if this feature is needed.


CDE Other Version should be a clickable link

In 4.0.5 version of the browser, other versions of the CDE were clickable.  This technology does not allow new windows/pop-ups.

Workaround: perform another search in the CDE Browser to search for "all versions" instead of "latest version. This will be fixed in release future release.


Catalogue of Published Forms missing in NCIP Context

Workaround: View forms in each Context node. This will be considered for re-implementation in future release.


Users can link to CDEs from Form Builder (URL link)

  • The Form Builder will need to be updated to change the syntax of the link

Add CDE to CDE Cart Success message missing

Workaround: The CDE Cart now displays an icon showing the number of CDEs. If you have logged into the cart, it displays the total number, and increments the number by the number of CDEs added. If you have not logged in, it displays the number added to the cart.


The type-ahead filter only displays the first 20 results, alphabetically.

Workaround: Use the search feature with wildcard to find more results in the main search field.  The limit will be increased to 50 in 5.3.1.

caDSR Technology Dependencies

Refer to the caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix for the software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

Release History



5.316 August 2017
5.2.219 January 2017
5.2.12 December 2016
5.226 September 2016
5.1August 2016
5.020 October 2015
4.0.511 March 2015
4.0.48 July 2013
4.0.37 June 2013


30 March 2011

27 April 2009

16 March 2009

08 December 2008

13 February 2008

30 January 2008

10 December 2007

17 October 2007

07 February 2007 (CDE Browser 3.1 New Features)

22 February 2006

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