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General CDE Browser Questions

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What is the advantage of using CDE Browser versus other tools with search capabilities?

The Browser does not require a username and password. It allows you to use multiple search parameters (that is search by permissible value, part of a name, and the workflow status). You can download collections of data elements; use the Browser if you are looking to make a list of CDEs that is not based on an existing list.

Where are the data standards?

On the CDE Browser home page, click the NCI context button and NCIP CDE Data Standards in the context tree.

Excerpt of the CDE Browser home page.

Questions about Searches

Why can't I find the CDEs I am looking for?

It is possible that some data elements have not yet been identified for use and so have not been created as metadata in the caDSR.

However, here are some example searches that returned results:

  • Using Advanced Search, ensure All is defaulted in the search criteria and enter the term transcript in the search field.
  • For a data element enter the term primer as the search field.
  • For exon and intron load a UML model with a class or attribute name containing exon or intron).

Why am I not getting any results?

The CDE Browser search is an exact match search. Use the wildcard * (asterisk) at the beginning, end or middle of your search term to return more results.

How do I find all Data Elements that use a specific concept code for either an object class or property?

Use the CDE Browser Advanced Search to constrain your list of data elements by concept class of C12727.

  • Open the CDE Browser.
  • Click Advanced Search.
  • Enter C12727 for the concept code.
  • Click Search.

This search returns all data elements that use the specified concept. The concept could be used in the object class, property, or value domain.

Questions for Curators

By accident I created a RETIRED DELETE item in the Curation Tool. Why can't I find the item in CDE Browser?

The CDE Browser does not display data elements with a workflow status of RETIRED DELETED, because CDE Browser is a public view of caDSR contents. You can view the item using the CDE Curation Tool or Admin Tool.

Why did I receive an error message when I try to promote another context's curator's DRAFT NEW data element in my context to RELEASED status? What should I do?

Examine the other instance of the VD:DEC and consider versioning it to match the DE you are trying to create.

 Why is my new Protocol for my forms not showing up in my Context's Protocol Forms node?

The specific protocol will not show up if there are no forms associated with it.  As soon as at least one form is associated with the protocol, the protocol node will automatically display in the tree.

Technical Questions

Why am I receiving a security warning "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items" when using one of your tools. What should I do?

This message indicates that an element on the page you are visiting is from a non-https address. To stop this message from displaying, add the site to your browser's Trusted Sites list. Do not add sites to this list unless you are sure that the site is secure. 

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