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Charles Griffin, Denis Avdic







National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
National Institutes of Heath
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The purpose of this document is to collect, analyze, and define high-level needs and features of the NCI CBIIT caCORE Common Meta Data Registries effort in the overall MDR project. This document focuses on the functionalities proposed by the product stakeholders and target users in order to make it a better product. The use-case and supplementary specifications document will detail how the framework will fulfill these needs.

Vision and Needs

The objective of this iteration of the Common Meta Data Registries effort is to solidify a design for the common features that meta data registries within and associated with caCORE and caBIG should have.  The design derived out of this iteration will focus on common common domain model elements, common operations, and federated meta data registry development.

Functional Requirements

This iteration is strictly focusing on creating a design. If a prototype needs to be developed to help prove or enforce a design, a scope item will be added to this table after it is approved through the scope change management process.

Functional Bug Fixes

There is no code currently developed for the Common Meta Data Registry effort so there are no associated defects.

Non-Functional Requirements

This section describes in detail all the related requirements which must be met for this release but do not add functionality. These requirements are included in the scope and project plan due to level of effort or relative importance to the overall success of delivery of the release.

GForge number (hyperlinked)

Brief description of non-functional requirement

(Approved or Proposed)


Create a design describing the common classes and attributes that a caCORE/caBIG affiliated meta data registry must implement to be considered a registry conforming to the ISO 11179 Metadata Registry Standard. This design must be detailed enough to provide developers clear direction on how to include the common classes and attributes in their meta data registry domain models.

Iteration 2


Create a design describing how caDSR content can be distributed to adopters for use within their local institution's or environment's meta data registry.  The local meta data registry may or may not be caDSR.  The design will detail what components will be distributed (i.e. database, apis, scripts, data) and how adopters would obtain the distributed components/data.     Additionally, this design will describe:  (1) how adopters can receive updates to their local meta data repository; (2) how adopters could submit locally created meta data to NCI CBIIT caDSR for central registration. (take QSM architecture and make it based on the common operations and schemas - common API - dependent on 1, 3, 4)

Iteration 2


Create a document discussing the feasibility of the specification common operations that meta data registries should implement to adhere to the MDR common meta data registry specification.  If common operations are feasible, then a description of the common meta data registry operations should be specified.

Iteration 2
(LBNL - Look at the ROR Study Period Artifacts)


Define a meta data registry data exchange message format base on the LBNL work to define an ISO11179 XML Schema

Iteration 2 (LBNL)

General Support Activities

This section describes in detail all the related activities which must be performed for this release but do not add functionality. These activities are included in the scope and project plan due to level of effort or relative importance to the overall success of delivery of the release.

GForge number (hyperlinked)

Brief description of general support activity

(Approved or Proposed)


The team will need to allocate time to prepare and present design and strategy material to potential adopters and stakeholders.

Iteration 2

Stakeholder Summary

Customer Name



Denise Warzel

caCORE Product Manager


Bruce Bargmeyer

Semantic Management - (common registry requirements and artifacts) Product Manager


Dave Hau

caCORE Engineering Manager


CBIIT Staff/Contractor Name



Charles Griffin

Project Manager


Denis Avdic

Architect/Lead Developer


Nadine Azie

Data Architect


Technical Environment

This product uses the following technical components which have been derived from the current NCICB Technology Stack.

Client Interface


Application Server

Apache Tomcat 5.5.9, JBoss 4.0.5

Database Server

Oracle 10g, mySQL 5.0

Operating System

Windows 2000. XP, Vista, Linux

Product Dependencies

This release is dependent on the caCORE components or products documented in the Legacy caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix.

Out of Scope Items

Items that are out of scope were evaluated as part of the initial scoping activities for this release, and subsequently not included in the final approved scope. These items are also documented in the cumulative backlog of requirements found on the product GForge site. They include out-of-scope functional requirements (enhancements or new features), bug fixes, non-functional requirements, and general support activities.

GForge number (hyperlinked)

Brief description of item moved from the in-scope section
with brief explanation added of why it was not included in this release

Iteration during which the item
was removed from in-scope

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Project Information

CBIIT Management



Denise Warzel

Product Manager

Oversees development of the product: features, functions, definition of stakeholders, priorities within the scope, timeframe for release

Dave Hau

Engineering Manager

Oversees NCICB caCORE software engineering practices, conducts design reviews, guides technical development for MDR, caDSR, CSM, CLM, and SDK

Denise Warzel

Product Line Manager

Oversees NCICB caCORE product line. Responsible for overall product integration, major and minor release cycles. Supports Product Manager.

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Stakeholder Management


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