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Potential Topics for Future Content Team Meeting Presentations

The following list of topics was developed at the January 13, 2011 Meeting. If you have additional suggestions, please contact If you are logged in, you can add your suggestion using the Add Comment link at the bottom of this page.

  1. Updates on new Grid Infrastructure development
  2. Usage of complex datatypes; what metadata needs to be available
  3. Identification of standard Value Sets to be included in EVS
  4. Update from SI v2 team – recurring; timeline; transition
  5. VCD/Arch rep to talk about CDE transition to new SI – CDE migration; reasoners; RIM semantics
  6. Updates of tooling, features, UI, schedules – caDSR enhancements
  7. Training updates – offerings for learning the new SI v2 interfaces; HL7 RIM; SOA
  8. What does it mean to map to BRIDG? How will this impact curation in future? What business rules should be applied?



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