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Will an error occur if I add repetitions to section of 9,999?

Form Builder allows users to enter the number of repetitions for a Section up to 9999.  It will save this value to the database. However, after saving the information, and selecting "Manage Repetitions" the tool attempts to render the full set of 9,999 sections to allow the user to customize default values for each section. During a test using Firefox, Form Builder rendered 8,607 instances of the section but then got stuck. The system did not lock or timeout, so the users is able to scroll to the top and cancel/got back to the form without losing anything.

I am curious about the Form Builder tool, its design and intended use. Is it possible for me to get a password and explore the program?

Form Builder is a tool for creating a collection of data elements, organized into sections called modules, and arranged as a group of "Questions" within each module. The CDE Browser is used to 'find' the data elements of interest; they are put into the CDE Shopping Cart and through the cart made available to the Form Builder application. You may use the public access "guest" account that allows creation of and stores forms in the TEST context; Form Builder uses account type within a production context. Highlights include:

  • Create forms
  • Classify forms
  • Associate Forms with caDSR Protocols
  • Create form instructions
  • Attach reference documents and files
  • Publish / Unpublish forms in caBIG™ Catalog
  • Copy forms
  • Download forms (MS Excel)
  • Print using the "Printer friendly" feature
  • Use the Online help

How do I change my caDSR password to log into caDSR Tools?

For more information about the caDSR Password Change Station, see Using the caDSR Password Change Station.

Now there is Form Cart 1 and Form Cart 2. Which one do I use?

Essentially, you can save your forms to one or both carts, and if you are not saving forms for later retrieval by another system, it really does not matter which cart you use. However, Form Cart 1 is a Legacy option and will not be enhanced moving forward, making it beneficial to start using Form Cart 2. Form Cart 2 provides an updated, enhanced XML schema, but it does require additional integration to work with your applications, so check with the local application team to see which Form Cart is being retrieved.

I selected forms in the Search Results, and clicked Add to CDE Cart. Why are those forms not in the Form Cart?

The new Form Carts do not automatically save forms to the cart. You must add them to the cart, Queue for Saving, open the Form Cart, select the Forms to save for future use, and click Save. For more information, see Using the Form Cart.

I have heard that there is a way to load forms into caDSR? How can I do that? 

You can submit a request to the help desk to load or bulk load new forms into Form Builder or load new versions of existing forms into Form Builder.

  1. To load a form from an external system, the form must be in an XML format (refer to the XML XSD to validate that the form structure is correct).
    To load a new version of an existing form in Form Builder, click the red download arrow in Form Builder to download the form.
    Download Form to XML
  2. Email the valid XML file to Application Support, and submit a form load request. The help desk will validate and upload the XML file so that you can modify the form(s) as needed.

I saved my form to the cart, and later made a change to it. Do I have to add and save the form to the cart again to reflect the change?

Yes. The cart contains a copy of the form. If you change the form, you have to save the updated form to the cart again.

Why can't I edit my form?

Form Builder no longer requires you to log in to search for and view forms. To edit the form, however, you must log in to Form Builder, and then the Edit features become available. For more information about getting started with forms, see Getting Started with Forms.

I do not need to curate metadata, but I need access to Form Builder as part of my compliance review responsibilities. Can you create a Form Builder only account for me?

Yes! We can create an individual caDSR account to provide the ability to access create forms in Form Builder and to see and create forms in your Context(s).

The Form Builder account provides the ability to store forms in the TEST context only unless specifically authorized in other contexts. This type of account cannot create or modify Data Elements or other types of caDSR content, though those types of privileges can be added at any time per your Context administrator's authorization.

Request your caDSR Account by entering Form Builder only in the Business Need field.

Can I save the cart items in CDE Browser for access in Form Builder?

Yes. See Using the CDE Cart in Form Builder.

Why am I still logged into Form Builder after I return to the browser and access Form Builder?

Firefox maintains your login credentials.

I am a curator and I created a new Protocol for my forms. It is not showing up in my Context's Protocol Forms node. What is the problem?

The specific protocol will not show up if there are no forms associated with it.  As soon as a form is associated with the protocol, it will automatically display in the tree.