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The caDSR and the integrated tools used to register standards and data used in NCI protocol data collection is outdated infrastructure and is in progress for replacement with a more flexible, standards-based, secure infrastructure and a set of integrated tooling that will provide expanded support and services. This new infrastructure will be considered the Next Generation caDSR. NCI is training on the new infrastructure that is expected to move to production between April and May 2022, with further phases of enhancement in 2022 and 2023. New caDSR related tooling will support artificial learning methods and move towards automating some of the curation process, freeing the Content Team for more advanced community support. The Metadata Content Team will move to a centralized curation model with the advanced tooling, which will streamline and make more efficient curation process that will promote better control of content while decreasing the burden of community in direct curation processes. Instructor led, web-community training and mentoring services will shift to self-driven curriculum and support.

In March and April 2022 we will be running many community training schedules and pilot submissions. We will make available the training materials and the FAQ on this page as well. If you have more questions, contact the caDSR Content Team by emailing:

NCI has been working on development of the OCI replacement tool, the ‘ALS Collection’ module, as part of the ongoing NCI caDSR infrastructure upgrade. Use of the “ALS Collection” module is limited at this time to NCI CBIIT, to ensure LPOs are able to continue retrieving Forms from the next generation caDSR into Rave. Release of this module for use by LPOs is targeted for Spring 2022; additional details, including timeline, will be communicated as available/finalized.

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