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REDx CRF and CDE Transformation Utility Release Notes
11 November 2014

Product Changes

Items marked New Feature: and Bug:

Issue TypeKeySummary
BugCRFv1.1Commas in the Form Long Name were causing incorrect parsing of the csv
New FeatureCRFv1.1Add the caDSR Form Public ID and Version to the REDCap Form Name.

Important Remaining Issues




The caDSR CDE ID and Version are recorded in the REDCap Variable Name column.  This column is used by REDCap implementers for statistical variable names so placing the cdeID name here is not a good long term solution, it will likely be replaced once the dictionary is imported int other REDCap system, disabling its intended ability to help users detect when fields are the same across studies.At the 2014 REDCap Annual Conference a small group was formed to look at a way tin put this information into a new permanent structure in the REDCap system.  This group was established by Paul Harris.



A limited number of controls and datatypes are included in the first release.  We are working a more fine grained mapping between the caDSR datatypes and display format and the various options supported by REDCap.Field controls can be edited once the dictionary is imported into REDCap.


caDSR Permissible Value (the standard data value) are not limited to codes or statistical values.  When the Permitted Value is transformed from caDSR to REDCap dictionary, the permitted value is substituted with an integer value starting with 1. The value is assigned according to the position of the Permitted Value in the CDE Value Domain Permissible Value Set as downloaded via XML.  This position is consistent for the CDE every time it is downloaded, so the data value across all implementations will be consistent, but there is a possibility that this could change if the Permitted Value list is edited but not versioned.NCI is considering how best to reflect these differences in caDSR.  A version of the CDE more suitable to statistical analysis is being considered.

Product Dependencies

REDxCDEv1.0 is based on CDE XML download from the NCI CDE Browser 4.0.5.

REDxCRFv1.1 is based on CRF XML from the NCI Form Builder, and caDSR ObjectCart 1.0, object.formCart.

Release History



CRF 1.024 Sept 2014
CRF 1.111 Nov 2010

CDE 1.0

24 Sept 2014

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