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SIW 4.1 Release Notes
May 6, 2010

Product Changes

Items marked New Feature: can be found in the GForge project Feature Requests tracker group. Items marked Bug: can be found in the Bugs tracker group.

  • New Feature: UML Loader refactoring to promote reuse with Bulk Loader. This feature is not visible to users.
    GF 18886
  • New Feature: LexEVS 5.1 integration with SIW GF 24630
  • Bug: GF 6757: Redesign UML Loader not to use 'name' for examining concept derivation rules
  • GF 13594: UML Loader doesn't load model Alt.definition when attribute is mapped to CDE
  • GF 17818: UML Loader uses concept mappings, even when CDE mapping is present
  • GF 19552: Can not close pop-up window when I click on "Map to Local Value Domain"
  • GF 19553: Loader should not Create Concept in caDSR that are not in EVS
  • GF 19710: SIW does not remove ALL CADSR_Description# tags when description changes
  • GF 19819: SIW treats the data type of an attribute as though it has been mapped with CADSR Local Value Domain
  • GF 19954: SIW does not recognize definition exceeds 2000 characters for class descriptions
  • GF 20075: LVD is never used error is misleading.
  • GF 20376: Attached Sample XMI file will not open in SIW
  • GF 20498: duplicate classes not being marked as errors in SIW 4.0.1
  • GF 20780: VD Clear Button Missing in Latest SIW
  • GF 20795: attribute/permissible value names with trailing spaces need a better error message
  • GF 21590: Cannot map inherited attribute to LVD in SIW
  • GF 21871: Can't save PV concept mappings when LVD is mapped to caDSR
  • GF 23097: SIW ignores concept order when checking whether to attributes will be mapped to the same two CDEs
  • GF 25444: Value Domain 2943992 showing multiple concepts associated with VM and displaying VM twice in PV list

Important Remaining Issues

  • GF 28821: Ability to validate against Pre-Thesaurus is broken

Workaround: Add the missing concepts to the caDSR using the Admin Tool. If you don't have access to the Admin Tool, contact the NCI Help Desk and request that the concepts be added. Alternatively, until LexEVS 4.1 is shut off, the NCI help desk can use the UML Loader 4.0.1 to load the model - which still has access to the Pre-Thesaurus.  (Dependent on EVS 4.1 API)

CORE Product Dependencies

Refer to the CORE Product Dependency Matrix for the caCORE SDK and other software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

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