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SIW and UML Loader 4.1.1 Release Notes
30 October 2014

Product Changes

Items marked New Feature: and Bug: can be found in the SIW JIRA project tracker.

Issue TypeKeyclass="highlight-grey" data-highlight-colour="grey">Summary
BugSIW-5UML Loader is converting quote to upside-down question mark
BugSIW-1SIW does not find content in caDSR when validating the XMI file, and when manually searching. This was partially fixed.  See known issues.
New FeatureSIW-3Upgrade the UML Loader Technology Stack, including use of LexEVS 6.1
New FeatureSIW-2Upgrade the SIW Technology Stack, including use of LexEVS 6.1

Important Remaining Issues

SIW-1SIW does not appear to find caDSR content when searching using text string because the search is case sensitive.Use exact name, or search by public id. 
SIW-4SIW does not find text search when using a with single character plus wildcard search e.g. "b*"Enter more characters for the search.
SIW-407Model loading fails when existing tag for concept definition does not match concept in EVS.Please create concept in caDSR manually or change concept annotation in XML or Text editor.

Product Dependencies

Refer to the caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix for the caDSR and other software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

Release History



4.1.125 July 2014
4.16 May 2010


22 March 2009

20 February 2009

8 December 2008

23 April 2008

21 March 2008

28 February 2008



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