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The Services Metadata group is focused on standards for describing the metadata for a Service. The members of the study group should start by reviewing and revising a definition of a service and Service Metadata to guide the scope/focus of the work effort. A description is posed below. Members who have requested a wiki account may edit for clarity or add descriptive information to enhance understanding.

The context for the study period is one services in a services oriented architecture, services that can 'plug-and-play', an environment in which computers and humans can discover usable services, understand what they are, and use them without having to contact the service owner. The definition of systems architecture Exit Disclaimer logo from Wikipedia provides a good reference point, but is not intended as fully sufficient for the purpose of this study group.

A Service is a discrete set of business or technical functions that can be performed by a computer system or within the internet environment. It can be comprised of programming interfaces, inputs and outputs, operations, narratives, instructions for faults, and intended usages.  The output of a service may be the primary result, or may be the input to other service(s) in a sequence of steps in order to meet the needs of the business or technical function.

For the purpose of this study, Service Metadata shall refer to the set of discrete classes and attributes, and relationships between them, that are necessary and sufficient to unambiguously describe and enable registration, discovery of use of Services from a Services Registry.

OASIS Exit Disclaimer logo defines service as "A mechanism to enable access to one or more capabilities, where the access is provided using a prescribed interface and is exercised consistent with constraints and policies as specified by the service description. "

Service metadata would provide a way to standardize a description of the service described in a WSDL.

IBM has introduced a Service Science Curriculum Exit Disclaimer logo and business unit.  This initiative may have some information that would be helpful to this study period group.

An example of a Service would be one that performs a scientific function, or one that is required to make two services work together.

Examples of service metadata might be the Overall Task the service is performing (e.g. Scientific Function, Ordering Function), a Text Description of the service, the Input Data it takes in and which Algorithms are used.

Use Cases and Requirements

[Study group members - please describe use cases or examples here, and attach related documents or presentations, or provide links to urls where such information can be found.]

  • See ISO/IEC 19763 Parts 5-8 - Registration of Processes, Roles, Goals, Services
  • Services Metadata Docs
  • BioCatalogue Exit Disclaimer logo - an effort to catalog web services in the life science community
    • Supports Discovery Service Model,
    • Quantitative Content, Semantic Content, Service Model (Provenance, Use Policy, Operational, Functional, Social Standing, Operational Metrics)
    • Focus on decision support - lower 'pain' level - involves tagging, ontology, text descriptions
      • free text and tagging
    • e.g. WSMO Exit Disclaimer logo Service Ontology
    • people are interested in annotations/descriptions of service operations, inputs, outputs, parameters
    • OWL-s Exit Disclaimer logo



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