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At the Interim WG2 meeting in Vilamoura, Portugal in November, 2008, it was decided that the Terminology Metamodel may be related to an existing ISO international standard that is being developed. A draft is available at WG2 Metadata Standards Exit Disclaimer logo .

  • 19763-3: Metamodel for ontology registration This part of ISO/IEC 19763 specifies the metamodel that provides a facility to register administrative information about ontologies.

The Terminology Metadata group is focused on the standards required for describing terminology resources, and should start by developing a working description of Terminology Metadata to guide the scope/focus of the work effort. A description is posed below. Members who have requested a wiki account may edit for clarity or add descriptive information to enhance understanding.

Terminology resources, for our purposes, are used to help in to translate, or convey meaning between parties. According to The Wikipedia definition of terminology Exit Disclaimer logo , a distinction is made between two types of terminology, which can serve as a basis around which to discuss terminology metamodels and metadata which are of concern for the study period:

  • Ad hoc terminology, which deals with a single term or a limited number of terms
  • Systematic terminology, which deals with all the terms in a specific subject field or domain of activity

Ad hoc terminology is prevalent in the translation profession, where a translation for a specific term (or group of terms) is required quickly to solve a particular translation problem.

Ideally the outcome of a metamodel for terminology resources would be adequate to support either of the above types and would include the following subtypes: taxonomies, formalized ontologies, lists of terms, vocabularies, dictionaries, etc.

For the purpose of this study, Terminology Metadata shall refer to the set of discrete classes and attributes, and relationships between them, that are necessary and sufficient to unambiguously describe the terminology as a whole, not the individual items within the terminology, and to enable registration and discovery of terminologies, as in a Terminology Registry.

Use Cases and Requirements

[study group members - please describe use cases or examples here, and attach related documents or presentations, or provide links to urls where such information can be found]

At the meeting in Sydney, several potentially related projects were suggested and are listed here. These are for members to research and report back whether artifacts exist that could be helpful to this project:

(Please post additional links and attach related documents or URLs as found.)

  • NCI GForge Terminology Metadata Docs
  • ISO TC 37 Exit Disclaimer logo - The ISO Technical Committee for terminology and other language and content resources
  • NCBO Exit Disclaimer logo - The National Center for Biomedical Ontology - describes issues pertaining to ontology resource quality and attributes.  Software Product: BioPortal Exit Disclaimer logo
  • Government terminology development services- each country may have terminologies they are creating and or serving, some have implicit metamodels, other have explicit models that could be shared and harmonized
    • UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) Exit Disclaimer logo
    • LexGrid Exit Disclaimer logo - Mayo's software development project to support a distributed network of lexical resources such as terminologies and ontologies via standards-based tools, storage formats, and access/update mechanisms
    • LexBIG Exit Disclaimer logo - A vocabulary server for accessing well-structured application programming interface (API) capable of accessing and distributing vocabularies as commodity resources. The server is built using standards-based and commodity technologies.
  • Linking Open Data Exit Disclaimer logo - the WC3 working group may have developed a model
  • Registry for Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) [please add a description here]
  • Ontology Metadata Vocabulary (OMV) Exit Disclaimer logo - description
  • See also Singapore Framework Exit Disclaimer logo , and now draft Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles Exit Disclaimer logo - description of vocabularies for metadata.



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