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Release Notes

For information about the latest improvement, see CDE Browser 5.3.5 Release Notes.

Please note that the CDE Browser is being retired in May 2023. Functionality to search for and download CDEs is available in caDSR II in Data Elements - View/Browse Favorite. Similar functionality to find CDEs in a specific Context is available using the "Owned By", "Program Area" drop-downs, and searching by classifications in the "Child" filter "5. Classifications" drop down. 

The following improvement was made to CDE Browser in 5.3.5.

  1. Updated the Application Support Email to
  2. On the Data Element Search panel, the default selection is At least one of the words and the Name label was changed to Search Term.
    Search panel with 5.3 changes
  3. There is a Search Term type-ahead feature that displays when the text string entered matches any term in the CDE Long Name or alternate names. The search is not case-sensitive, and the more characters you enter, the narrower the results list becomes.

     Type ahead in Search Term field

    The matching terms are not limited by the current position in the tree, so if you do not get a result, clear the filters and search again.

  4. Additional Search Criteria text fields also have a type-ahead feature.

  5. When you remove search criteria, a search is NOT performed across caDSR until you click Search again.

  6. A tip was added in the search panel searching for preferred and standards.
  7. On the Data Element Concept tab, the Registration status was added along with an Alternate Names and Definitions table.
    Data Element Concept tab with new Alternate Names and Definitions tables

  8. Using the search tree, if you drill down to the desired Context, Classification, or CS/CSI, you can now copy the Search URL into a document, web page, or new browser window to return the same filtered results.
    Copy a search URL
  9. On the Data Elements tab, the Alternate Names and Definitions and Reference Documents tables were updated.
  10. Minor field name changes were made on the Compare matrix and the Data Element, Data Element Concept, Value Meaning, Value Domain, Classifications, and Admin tabs.
  11. Curators place important notes about versioning or other actions taken on a CDE, so Change Notes were added to the Admin Info tab.
  12. When you save data elements to the CDE Cart, derived data element components are added to the CDE Cart. When you download data elements from the CDE Cart, the derived data element components are included.
  13. Classification Scheme collections (model projects) are listed in a red folder in the search tree. If the CS and the container reside in different contexts, a link is provided to the collection.
    Classification collections with special icon in search tree
  14. Download to Excel downloads the same CDE data as a CDE Browser version 5.3 Excel download with the following additional columns:

    • Data Element Concept Workflow Status
    • Value Domain Workflow Status
  15. Download to Prior Excel downloads the same CDE data as a CDE Browser version 5.2 Excel download.

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