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caDSR - Overview of Use and Collaborations

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NCI Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR) is a centralized resource for services and web-based information technology tools to meet NCI needs for documenting and sharing unambiguous descriptions of data. These resources are used to develop standards-based IT descriptions for trials and research data shared by NCI and the larger international biomedical community, so data can be effectively and programmatically exchanged, aggregated, analyzed, used and reused for secondary research.

Because of the size and complexity of the caDSR database, the NCI provides the hosting environment for the caDSR content infrastructure. As such, caDSR data descriptions, software, and services are made freely available where possible, to all organizations who want to use them.

While this approach promotes broader adoption, it also hinders full tracking of caDSR use. Similarly, restrictions on identifying and surveying users also hinders the ability to create a complete assessment of how caDSR is being used and by whom. However, we believe that like EVS, the caDSR adopters and patterns of use are fairly clear.

This overview of use of and collaborations with the Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository attempts to identify the primary adopters and define and interpret the patterns of use of caDSR and its associated tools, based on the information and statistics available to us.

This document was initially prepared on October 8, 2010 and is updated on an ongoing basis. It is made up of the following sections:


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