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This document collects, analyzes, and defines the requirements and approach for the NCICB caCORE caDSR Release 4.0. caDSR 4.0 is being developed to meet the following objectives:


Vision Statement

The objectives of this release of the caDSR tools are to:

  • Integrate the caDSR software with the caCORE 4.0 technology stack and incorporate the other "4.0" API's as appropriate to the needs of caDSR tools;
  • Extend the caDSR UML Model Project domain model and underlying database to map UML models to XML XSD's (Global Model Exchange)
  • Enhance the scope and capabilities of Forms metadata support (Forms Next Generation), including a new Forms Catalog Browser, extended Forms definition metadata, and enhancements to the Forms Builder
  • Implement other database and domain model modifications to support significant enhancements to the caDSR tools

Scope and Approach

Constraints and Assumptions

caDSR 4.0 comprises a series of development iterations organized according to the following constraints and assumptions:

  • Changes to the domain model will be managed to minimize the impact on users;
  • Where possible the development team will choose designs and technology with eye towards easing the transition to the future Metadata Registry (MDR)

caDSR 4.0 Scope and Approach

Scope documents will be written for each tool to specify the exact contents of each iteration.  The following describes overall scope and approach for the caDSR 4.0 iterations.


Database and Domain Models:

  1. Transform Classification Scheme Items to become Administered Components
  2. Conclude the transformation of Value Meanings to be Administered Components
  3. Enhance the scope of Forms metadata as required by the Forms Next Generation initiative
  4. Enhance and improve access to metadata Registration information.


  1. General: Modify as necessary to function with revised database and Domain Model
  2. Specific enhancements:
  3. Forms: Add form level metadata supporting extending searching
  4. Forms: Develop initial Forms Catalog Browser

This iteration will provide the first full set of enhancements across the caDSR tool set.



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