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caDSR API 4.1.1 Release Notes 
 May 05, 2015

Product Changes

The caDSR 4.1.1 API has been deployed as a patch fix, the URL remains the same as the prior release and is backwards compatible.

Items marked New Feature: can be found in the GForge project Feature Requests tracker group. Items marked Bug: can be found in the Bugs tracker group.


  • CADSRAPI-192 API 4.0 and 4.1 returns different results, in particular when retrieving the permissible values for a large enumerated value domain
  • CADSRAPI-190 Build Issue with caCORE SDK API

Important Remaining Issues

  • There are several legacy issues (primarily with the generated RESTful interface) that are not addressed by this release:
  • CADSRAPI-213 caDSR REST Crashes when retrieving large number of forms 
  • GF 27833 querying indirect association with backslash and rolename does not work
  • GF 27834 query which is in the form of A->B->A is not working
  • GF 27835 indirect association query, A->B->C, where B and C have to be in the same package, package name cannot be specified for B
  • GF 28093 Objects having Indirect association with a backslash in the ID throw an error..
  • GF 28094 Performance issues when querying certain objects(503 error)
  • GF 28310 HTML queries may return partial results.

Product Dependencies

Refer to the caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix for the caDSR and other software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

Release History



4.1.1May 2015
4.1April 2014

April 14, 2009



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