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How do I change my caDSR password to log into caDSR Tools?

For more information about the caDSR Password Change Station, see Using the caDSR Password Change Station.

In the Admin Tool, after selecting an item to view/maintain from a search result, why can I no longer see the New Search button to return to the results list?

New Search was deprecated in 3.0. The Admin Tool now opens the View/Maintain window instead.

Close the editing window when you are done, and the original search results are listed in the original Admin Tool window.

The Object Class Qualifier and Property Qualifier are missing from the Create/Edit/Maintain Data Element Concept screens and the Representation Qualifier from the Value Domain screens. What happened and how do I update or add qualifiers to my existing items?

  • caDSR 3.0.1 dropped the Qualifier term from Data Element Concept and Value Domains. This is due to a proposed and accepted revision to ISO 11179 Part 3 to the metamodel. It is replaced with the ability to associate qualifier terms directly with the Object Class, Property, and Representation items via the caDSR Concept Class.
  • The Curation Tool and the SIW/UML Loader support creation of these new complex/compound components.

What happened to the EVS Concept List link from the edit Object Class, Property and Representation item screens?

  • The ability to create or maintain complex Object Class, Property, or Representation terms based on a Primary concept plus one or more qualifier concepts is not supported in the Admin Tool.
  • If an item is determined to be redundant or no longer used, the item can be Retired Phase Out. The Admin Tool and Curation Tool only allow for Released components to be selected for association to administered items. Once you create an Object Class, Property, or Representation term, you cannot edit them; you can only retire them.