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Administration Tool Technical Menu

The Administration Tool UI Technical Metadata Menu provides access to Administration Tool user interface configuration metadata -- such things as the queries that are executed to populate tree nodes. Internet Explorer is recommended when accessing this menu, although Firefox/Mozilla was used successfully to capture the screen shots below.

This utility is virtually undocumented and is probably no longer necessary, but this page has been constructed as a matter of recording its existence.

URL for the Technical Menu

The base URL for the technical menu is provided for historical purposes:$.startup

where "-dev" is replaced by the appropriate tier identifier (or lack of one on Production).

Note: All of the internal links in the Technical Menu reflect the previous Administration Tool URL structure, i.e. "...admin..." vs "...admintool...". Use the Back button to navigate back to the main menu.

Technical Menu Options

screenshot of UI technical menu.


This page is used to capture the SQL executed at search tree nodes.  Enter a query where "Display Title" = the name of the node on the tree (e.g. '%Alternate%' retrieves 'Alternate Names' and'Alternate Definitions')


screenshot of searches and SQL as described.

UI Elements IRUD

screenshot of entries for UI elements in IRUD.

screenshot of UI Item Links elements.

screenshot of UI Links for elements .

UI Framesets

screenshot of UI framesets setup.

UI Images

screenshot of UI Images setup.

UI Types

screenshot of UI element types setup.

UI Component Types

screenshot of UI component types setup.!


screenshot of UI activities setup.!



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