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At a Glance Details
  • Version Numbers and Release Dates:
    • Administration Tool 4.0.2, May 2, 2019
    • EVS Search 4.0.2-06, May 2, 2019
  • Primary Audience: Context Administrators and caDSR Administrators

Tool Overview

The caDSR Administration Tool (login required) is the main administrative interface to all of the basic editing and maintenance features and components.

Log In Credentials

For more information about log in credentials and managing your account, see the caDSR Password Change Station and Using the Password Change Station.

The caDSR Administration Tool is intended for use by both Context and central caDSR administrators needing to make direct changes to metadata that in some cases breaks the caDSR Business Rules that are applied in the CDE Curation Tool. For example, in the CDE Curation Tool, an Object Class can only be created while creating a Data Element Concept, whereas in the Admin Tool, a standalone Object Class can be created or edited. This tool also provides access to EVS for linking caDSR metadata to terminology concepts.

Administrative and curatorial tasks are available only via the Admin Tool. These tasks include creation of Conceptual Domains, Concepts, Classification Schemes, Protocol descriptions, lookup tables, user accounts, and security frameworks used that are used across all caDSR tools and not supported in the CDE Curation Tool.

The following table lists the lookup tables and caDSR administered items that you can maintain in the Admin Tool with the appropriate access and credentials.

Maintainable lookup tables include...

Maintainable administered items include...

  • Valid Workflow Statuses for each type of administered item
  • Classification Scheme Types
  • Classification Scheme Item Types
  • Contexts
  • Datatypes
  • Document Types
  • Derivation Types
  • Designation Types
  • Language Types
  • Origin LOV
  • Persons
  • Organizations
  • Valid Registration Statuses
  • Unit of Measure types
  • Data Elements
  • Data Element Concepts
  • Value Domains
  • Object Class
  • Property
  • Representation Terms
  • Object Class Relationships
  • Value Meanings

NCI Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS) has provided terminology content, tools, and services to accurately code, analyze and share cancer and biomedical research, clinical and public health information. EVS works with many partners to develop, license and publish terminology, jointly develop software tools, and support harmonization and shared standards.

Access and Credentials

An account is required to use the Administration Tool with appropriate privileges for each function. You can only access the caDSR Admin Tool with an NIH VPN connection and login credentials. You do not need to log in to use EVS.

FAQs, Forum and Support

Getting Support

If you need assistance, contact the CBIIT Application Support Team:

Documentation and Training

A 1000 Introduction to Semantic Metadata is available to learn more about caDSR.

Note:  For an archive of caDSR Administration Tool documents, see the documentation archive.

Related Tools

See caDSR Database and Tools for a complete list of caDSR tools.

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