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caDSR Administration Tool Release Notes
7 April 2009

Product Changes

Items marked [New Feature] can be found in the GForge project Feature Requests tracker group and [Bug] in the Bugs tracker group.

  • BUG: Fix "source" field on Concept Tree
    GF 4612
  • BUG: Fix Tree structure does not display on the Modify DE screen.
    GF 502
  • BUG: Fix Error on Conceptual Domain Searches
    GF 18836
  • BUG: Fix Error on CSI create menu from CS Modify Page
    GF 19194

Important Remaining Issues

Tree structure still does not display on the Modify DE screen for some Data Elements (GF19183)

GF# 502 above implements a resolution on this issue for DEs where the tree did not display because they were associated to common value domains, i.e Value Domains with a large number of related DEs. However there are apparently other DEs that are not displaying the tree for reasons that need to be investigated.

Recording full Classification Scheme Item (CSI) metadata requires a two step process:

  1. Create and save the CSI using the CSI tab under the Classification Scheme page
  2. Complete the entry for the CSI by querying it under the new CSI page and updating it there.

The problem is that the CSI screen on its own is unable to link a CSI to a Classification Scheme, and as such any CSIs created using the CSI page alone will be disconnected from other metadata and unusable. Please do not use the "Insert" feature of the CSI page.

Value Meaning Updates -- selecting a Concept does not populate related fields

When Value Meanings are created using the new VM page all related fields are populated when a Concept is selected via the List of Values link. For an update of an existing VM only the Concept field is populated from the List of Values page, not the Database and Source information These will need to be entered manually.

CSI maintain sub menu (bottom frame) on the CS Modify Menu

The Delete button is still not working.

CORE Product Dependencies

Refer to the Legacy caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix for the caCORE SDK and other software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

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