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caDSR Administration Tool 4.0.1 Release Notes
September 2014

Product Changes

Items marked New Feature: can be found in the GForge project Feature Requests tracker group. Items marked Bug: can be found in the Bugs tracker group.

  • Bug: Admin Tool Issues when running on Firefox Browser
    GF 21473
  • BUG: CSI Searches only returning CSIs with associated CS. Remove CS filter on CSI searches.
    GF 19987
  • BUG: Make CSI Description Field mandatory on the Maintain CSI frame of the CS Menu
    GF 21938
  • Feature Request: Add to Admin tool front page, link for caDSR Privacy Policy Statement
    GF 22200
  • Feature Request: Upgrade to LexEVS 5.1
    GF 24764

Important Remaining Issues

  • GF19183  Tree structure still does not display on the Modify DE screen for some Data Elements. GF# 502 implements a resolution on this issue for DEs where the tree did not display because they were associated to common value domains. i.e Value Domains with a large number of related DEs. However there are apparently other DEs that are not displaying the tree for reasons that need to be investigated.

Workaround: Use caDSR Domain Class Browser to view details of the CDE that are not visible in the UI.

  • GF1354, GF 22178, GF 22026, GF 22310, GF 22313, GF 22024 Enhance CS/CSI Maintenance Many bugs/awkward functionality remain in the Admin Tool for CSIs. The creation of new Classification Schemes was planned as the next release before development was put on hold for the new infrastructure.

Workaround: Therefore, recording the association of a CSI to a CS should be done from the CS Maintenance Page. The problem is that the CSI menus are unable to link a CSI to a Classification Scheme, and as such any CSI created using the CSI page alone will be disconnected from other metadata unless attached to CS using the CS maintenance menus.

  • GF 5432    Value Meaning Updates -- selecting an EVS Concept does not populate all the related fields: When an existing Value Meaning is edited only the Concept field is populated, not the Value Meaning Definition Source and Database information.

Workaround: This is an existing issue. These fields need to be entered manually.

  • GF 19139 Maintain Object Class Relationships page, links appear in the tree for Data Element Concepts and Related Object Classes. Neither of these apply to metadata on the page and should not be used. Selecting either will display an error message in the area to the right of the outline.
  • Workaround:* This is an existing issue. None
  • GF 19137 Error page occurred to view Version information for a DE, cannot reproduceTree takes a long time to display for Classification Scheme maintenance page

Workaround: This is an existing issue. None

  • GF 13120 Tree takes a long time to display for Classification Scheme maintenance page

Workaround: This is an existing issue. None

  • GF 26023 Search by organization does not work for all searches

Workaround: This is an existing issue. None

  • GF 26237 Users having CDE_Browser (base level) privileges cannot WRITE but can read registry content

Workaround: This is working as designed.  If curation privileges are required, please contact the NCI Help Desk.

  • GF 25907 Some VMs cannot be created or updated. No pattern has been identified for which ones will fail.

Workaround: To update a VM if an error is received, using the VM Long Name text, search for and reselect the "Associated Concepts", take note of the "Database" column and populate that value manually on the VM Update Screen, as well as "Definition Source". Paste in the new Definition. Click Apply. This should update the Definition successfully. Another alternatives is to use the CDE Curation Tool to attempt to create or update VMs that cannot be created or updated using the caDSR Administration Tool.

Product Dependencies

Refer to the caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix for the caDSR and software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

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