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caDSR Administration Tool 4.0.2 Release Notes
May 2, 2019

Technology Upgrade(s)

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of the technology upgrades since the last release.

UpgradeJIRA tracker number
There was an Apache Struts Vulnerability, so the Apache Struts were upgraded to 2.3.37.CADSRAPI-332

Important Remaining Issues

Description of issueWorkaroundGforge (for reference only)

The tree structure does not display on the Modify Data Element screen for some data elements. There is a resolution for data elements associated with common value domains, such as Value Domains with a large number of related data elements, but there are still other data elements that do not display.

Use the caDSR Domain Class Browser to view details of the CDE that are not visible in the Admin Tool interface.GF19183

There is awkward functionality for adding and maintaining Classification Schemes (CS/CSI).

Record the association of a CSI to a CS on the CS Maintenance page.

The problem is that the CSI menus are unable to link a CSI to a Classification Scheme, and as such any CSI created using the CSI page alone will be disconnected from other metadata unless attached to CS using the CS maintenance menus.

GF22178, GF22026, GF22310, GF22313, GF22024

If an existing Value Meaning is edited, only the Concept field is populated, not the Value Meaning Definition Source and Database information.

Enter these fields manually.GF5432

On the Maintain Object Class Relationships page, links appear in the tree for Data Element Concepts and Related Object Classes. These do not apply to the metadata on the page, and selecting either one displays an error message.

No workaround available.GF19139

An error page displays after selecting to view a data element's version information.

No workaround available.GF19137

The tree structure takes a long time to display for Classification Scheme maintenance page.

No workaround available.GF13120

Searching by organization does not work for all searches.

No workaround available.GF26023

A user with CDE_Browser (base level) privileges can READ but cannot WRITE registry content.

This is working as designed.  If curation privileges are required, please contact the NCI Help Desk.GF26237

Cannot create or update some VMs.

To update a VM if an error is received

  1. Using the VM Long Name text, search for and reselect the Associated Concepts.
  2. Take note of the Database and Definition Source columns and populate that value manually on the VM Update Screen.
  3. Click Apply.
    This should update the Definition successfully.

Another alternative is to use the CDE Curation Tool to attempt to create or update VMs that cannot be created or updated using the caDSR Administration Tool.


Product Dependencies

Refer to the caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix for the caDSR and software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

Release History



4.0.22 May 2019


September 2014

March 2009

8 December 2008

27 August 2007


22 December 2006


27 March 2006

30 August 2005


22 July 2005


31 March 2005


28 May 2004


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