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This page details the fields defined in the caDSR projects:

  • Admin Tool
  • caDSR Database
  • CDE Browser
  • CDE Curation
  • Form Builder
  • Freestyle Search
  • Sentinel
  • SIW
  • UML Model Browser

Refer the the Description column for information on how to complete the field.


A blank under Project means it appears in All projects named above.






Populated by GForge



Use active voice, state the bug or feature, keep it brief



Populated by GForge



Populated by GForge



Defaults to 3, do not change the default without adding an appropriate comment in the description, this indicates the importance assigned by project management for development tasking and is not necessarilty related to Severity (see below)



Upon creation default to None, will be set by Project Management after reviewing content



Populated by GForge, anonymous submissions are not permitted



Populated by GForge


Assigned Release

Defaults to None, do not change until reviewed by Project Management and included in the scope of a release, this reflects the release which contains the arifact change



The NCICB Tier on which the tracker was observed, i.e. DEV, QA, Stage, Production and Sandbox



Provides a link to supporting documentation, e.g. Design specification, Detailed Requirements, etc, which will be stored in the project Docs tab or on a Wiki page



Indicates how the tracker was resolved, e.g. code change, etc.


Include in Known Issues?

Use to flag an Open issue to be included in the product Release Notes known issues section until such time as the Assigned Release is set and the fix deployed to Production


Version Found

The product Release Version in which the symptom was found, should be the earliest possible Release in which the bug can be recreated, e.g. an error found during QA for 4.0 will be investigated by a developer and if the error can be recreated on Stage and/or Production the Version Found is changed from 4.0 to 3.2



An indication of how this impacts the user in the completion of normal business tasks, it is not necessarily related to Priority (see above)


Help Desk Reference #

When the tracker is a result of a Help Desk ticket, record the ticket number



The current displosition of the tracker, e.g. coded, in testing, etc.



For products with multiple identifiable feature components, select the appropriate specific component, e.g. DE Edit in the Curation Tool



The name or email address of the person requesting the tracker, which may or may not be someone with a GForge account, is used as the point of contact (POC) to gather more information about the tracker symptoms, etc



The internet browser used when the bug occurred and/or on which the bug was successfully recreated

Admin, Database, Browser, Form, SIW, UML

Development Status

Believe this is redundant with Disposition and should be removed

Database, Freestyle, Sentinel, Curation, Form, SIW, UML


Believe this is redundant with Component and should be removed

Freestyle, Sentinel, Curation

Scope Category

A general category for the type of tracker, e.g. usability, performance, etc

Sentinel, Curation


A detailed breakdown of the type of bug, includes Cosmetic, Data Integrity, Unexpected Results, etc



Believe this is redundant with Component and should be removed



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