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National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
caDSR EVS Search 4.0.2-03 Release Notes
February 6, 2018

Product Changes

Technology Upgrades

Remaining Issues

  • CADSRADMIN-8 Error when performing single character wildcard searches in the EVS Browser

Workaround: This is a LexEVS issue. Wildcard searches will need to be performed using multiple characters or words.

  • CADSRADMIN-12 EVS Search does not return results if searching by Metathesaurus CUI

Workaround: Use NCI Term Browser to search by CUI and then use the concept name to preform the search.

  • CADSRADMIN-13 Certain concepts searched from EVS cannot be populated to the Admin Tool

Workaround: Selecting some concepts does not populate the Admin Item fields. Nothing appears to happen. This is due to a unique constraint violation when an Admin item based on the concept already exists. The violation error does not display in all browsers.

Product Dependencies

Refer to the caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix for the caDSR and software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

Release History



4.0.2-036 February 2018
4.0.2-02March 2017
4.0.2-01December 2016
4.0.111 August 2014

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