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NEW 4.1.5 Features

There is a new Application Support email address.

See the Release Notes for more information.

At a Glance Details
  • Version Number and Release Date: 4.1.5 November 8, 2018
  • Primary Audience: Developers; Metadata Analysts; Protocol Builders, Forms Builders, Metadata Curators (Forms); Metadata curators (UML Models)

Tool Overview

Form Builder, first introduced in 2003, allows users to leverage CDE metadata to create forms that replicate the content of Case Report Forms. These forms can include complex behaviors, such as repeating groups and skip patterns. A form in caDSR is a description of a printed or electronic document, but it cannot be used to collect data.

You can save a customized set of CDEs to the CDE Cart in CDE Browser and share the cart with Form Builder (as long as you have the same login credentials for both applications). You can then use Form Builder to access the saved CDEs or retrieve them during another session to create case report forms. Items placed in the CDE Cart are a copy and not automatically updated if the caDSR CDE or form changes. If an item changes, you must place the item in the Cart again for it to be updated.

Log In Credentials

For more information about log in credentials and managing your account, see the caDSR Password Change Station and Using the Password Change Station.

Functions for Managing Forms Include...Functions for Managing Questions, Responses, and Modules Include...
  • Browse and view forms
  • Create and edit a form
  • Copy forms or modules from existing forms
  • Publish a form in the NCIP Context's Form Catalog
  • Set a monitor to receive notifications when the form or CDEs on the form changed
  • Classify the form and optionally its CDEs in one or more caDSR Classification Schemes
  • Save the form to the Form Cart for access via the Object Cart API
  • Access to the CDE Cart for creating Forms
  • Download a form to Excel or XML
  • View and print from a printer-friendly image of the form design
  • Generate questions from CDE metadata
  • Edit and save CDEs in the CDE Cart to create a reusable picklist of CDEs to use on forms
  • Select from previously curated CDE metadata for Question Text or Alternate Question Text, data value labels or alternate labels.
  • Select from previously curated Question and Value text in different languages.
  • Valid data values and Valid Data Value labels
  • Specify whether a question is optional or mandatory
  • Define the order of modules, questions within modules, valid values within questions
  • Define the skip patterns between questions based on question responses, and repeating questions or groups of questions
  • Define default values for question responses and whether or not the default value can be edited
  • Refine the CDE Value Domain enumeration to restrict the list to a sub-set of valid values for the question on the form (these values remain in the original CDE)

Attributes Displayed and/or Maintained by Form Curators

The following is a list of attributes displayed and/or maintained by form curators.

Attributes of a QuestionAttributes of a ModuleAttributes of a FormOther Attributes
  • Question Text
  • Instruction
  • Display Order
  • Default Value
  • Whether the default is editable
  • Whether the question is Mandatory
  • Valid Values skip instruction/Condition
  • Valid Values - derived from the list of value in the CDE Value Domain
  • A link to its associated CDE by Public Id and Version
  • Name
  • Instruction
  • Display order
  • Number of Repetitions
  • Name
  • One or more associated Protocols
  • Instruction
  • Category
  • Context
  • Workflow Status
  • Classifications
  • Type (CRF or Template)
  • Each Question is associated with only one CDE public id and version
  • Editing a CDE after it has been copied to a Form does not automatically update the Question on the Form
  • Editing a Question does not update or add any attributes to the CDE
  • Removing values from the Value Domain for the Question does not change the original Value Domain
  • A Form may be saved with Questions that have been disassociated from a CDE, CDE association may be added later


caDSR Supported Browser

If there is problem with caDSR, ensure that you are using Mozilla Firefox before contacting Application Support (

Form Builder is publicly accessible through an internet browser. For additional information, see the caDSR Form Builder and Loader 4.1.5 Release Notes.

To perform certain activities in Form Builder, you must have a login credentials. To access CDEs in the CDE Cart in Form Builder, you must have the same login credentials as with CDE Browser.

FAQs, Forum and Support

Getting Support

If you need assistance, contact the CBIIT Application Support Team:

Documentation and Training

A Using Form Builder Course is available to learn more about Form Builder.

The following documentation is available for the current release:

Note:  For an archive of Form Builder user and technical documentation, see the Form Builder archive.

Related Tools

The following tools work with Form Builder to manage CDEs and forms.

See caDSR Database and Tools for a complete list of caDSR tools.

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