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The caDSR Freestyle Search is now a part of the caDSR APIs (and Freestyle Search). The information and links on this page are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only.

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At a Glance Details
  • Version Number and Release Date: 4.1.1 May 2015
  • Primary Audience: Developers; Adopters; Metadata Analysts; Protocol Builders, Forms Builders, Metadata Curators (Forms); Metadata curators (UML Models); Context Administrators; Researchers; Clinicians; VCDE Mentors; Architecture Mentors; Compatibility Reviewers
  • Installation Level: Advanced; technical team required for installation
  • Contact: CBIIT Application Support

Tool Overview

The caDSR Freestyle Search engine performs weighted semantic searches on the content of Administered Items in the caDSR. Freestyle Search is packaged as an API and also includes a sample UI accessible from a web browser.

The Administered Items searched by Freestyle Search are Data Element, Data Element Concept, Value Domain, Object Class, Property, Concept, Conceptual Domain and Value Meaning. The attributes searched are Version, Long Name, Preferred Name, Name, Preferred Definition, Question, Public ID, Latest Version Indicator, Created By, Modified By, Workflow Status, Registration Status, Context, Alternate Name, Definition Source and Origin.

caDSR Freestyle Search performs a "soft" or "fuzzy" search; the search terms and phrases are not required to exactly match metadata items. When matches are found, the results are assigned a numerical weight.

The search "weighting" algorithm includes:

  • Order of the terms matched
  • Number of terms matched
  • Administered Item type
  • Workflow Status
  • Registration Status.

Results are returned sorted in descending order with the heaviest (highest value) weight first. Search options are set by default, but users can modify then and dynamically alter the weights.

Installation and Downloads

caDSR Freestyle Search is a public web application: Production caDSR Freestyle Search.

CBIIT Application Support email

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

For demo files refer to the Test cases.

Documentation and Training

Related Tools

The Freestyle Search functionality is now a part of the caDSR APIs (and Freestyle Search).

See caDSR Database and Tools for a complete list of caDSR tools.



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