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You can find Swagger files for available caDSR II REST APIs in the following API Portal:

You can browse caDSR II API domain classes in the following API Browser. A folder icon next to a class name indicates that you can click on that node to perform a search:

We have designed the primary caDSR II APIs for ease of migration for existing customers. The URL syntax has changed, but everything else is the same. For comparison, the following examples retrieve the latest version of the CDE with public ID 62: 

Keep in mind the following points:

  • Both the publicId and latestVersionIndicator attribute criteria on DataElement are in brackets separated by a comma ",".
  • Class and attribute names are the same as in the legacy format.
  • XML and HTML are available for Legacy, but caDSR II offers XML, HTML, and JSON formats. To switch object format, change the "Get" parameter: GetXML, GetHTML, or GetJSON.

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