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Business Rules

The caDSR business rules were implemented by all active Contexts as of 28 July 2003 and are reviewed and updated periodically. Rules pertain the development and creation Administered Items such as Data Elements, Data Element Concepts and Value Domains, as well as to the maintenance of case report forms (CRFs).  These rules were informed by ISO/IEC 20943 Information Technology – Procedures for Achieving Metadata Registry Content Consistency.

Business Rules Document NameEffective DateLast Review Date
Designation and Reuse of Administered Items7/28/20138/10/2015
Mandatory and Conditional Attributes 7/28/2003 12/9/2015
Ownership Transfer of an Administered Item 12/13/2016 12/8/2016
Primary Representation Terms - Short List7/1/20089/9/2016
Registration and Workflow Status of an Administered Item 5/21/20073/13/2017
Versioning Administered Items9/26/200511/19/2012
Versioning Forms in FormBuilder1/12/2012 9/14/2015

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