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For caDSR Development Team Only

Object Cart is a component of the caDSR tools CDE Browser and Form Builder. This page provides links to browse the cart via API calls and the Object Cart Browser. Technical expertise is required.

Contents of this Page
At a Glance Details
  • Version Number and Release Date: 1.0.4 May 13, 2019
  • Primary Audience: caDSR Developers Only
  • Installation Level: Advanced; technical team required for installation
  • System Requirements: Refer to Legacy caDSR Technology Dependency Matrix.

Tool Overview

The caDSR Object Cart is a convenient service that enables access to a shareable data cache. One of its primary uses is between the caDSR CDE Browser and the caDSR Form Builder. It provides a number of ways for its data to be stored, either as a serialized Java Object or an XML document qualified with an XML schema. The applications using the Object Cart provide shopping cart type operations for data objects using the Object Cart API.  Items in the cart can be searched and viewed in HTML or XML using the Object Cart Browser or by creating API calls.

The Object Cart exposes a client API through which authorized applications can create instances of object carts to store, retrieve, update, and delete data objects. Objects are passed to the Object Cart server application via the client API. Either java objects adhering to the JavaBean specification and/or XML instances representing data objects passed to the client API.

Items are Copies in the Cart

The Object Cart creates a serialized COPY of an item placed in a cart. If an item changes, it needs to be added and saved back into the cart to reflect the change. Items remain in the cart until they are deleted or updated.

Forum and Support

Getting Support

If you need assistance, contact the CBIIT Application Support Team:

Documentation and Training

Object Cart Release Notes

Note:  For an archive of Object Cart technical documentation, see the document archive.

Related Tools

The following tools use the Object Cart functionality.

Getting Support

If you need assistance, contact the CBIIT Application Support Team:

See caDSR Database and Tools for a complete list of caDSR tools.

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