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caDSR Password Change Station 1.0 Release Notes

7 June 2013

Product Changes

New Features

  • CADSRPASSW-21 Lock caDSR user accounts after invalid login attempts
  • CADSRPASSW-22 Allow caDSR users to create security questions and answers in support of password reset

 Bug Fixes

  • No fixes.  This is the first release of the caDSR Password Change Station.

Important Remaining Issues

  • CADSRPASSW-5 caDSR password is not case sensitive:
    Workaround: Case sensitivity is ignored
  • CADSRPASSW-92 Security question setup and change password fails when password expiration date has already passed and account status is "OPEN"
    Workaround: No workaround needed because once the above case happens, the Password Change Station will change account status from “OPEN” to “EXPIRED”.  The user can then setup security questions/change password without any issue.

  • CADSRPASSW-99 After successfully changing your password, the message says "Password change successful. You have been logged out."  This is because the PCS considers the user logged into the PCS in order to change their password. The text about 'logged out' is confusing and will be considered for removal in a future release.

  • CADSRPASSW-100 Passwords can only be reset once within 24 hour period. If you forget your password during that time, you may contact the NCI Help Desk to have it unlocked.  A message to that effect will be considered in a future release.

CORE Product Dependencies

Refer to the CORE Product Dependency Matrix for the caCORE SDK and other software technologies on which this release of this product relies.

Release History

This is the first release of the caDSR Password Change Station.




 7 June 2013



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