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At a Glance Details
  • Version Number and Release Date: 4.0.7 November 8, 2018
  • Primary Audience: Context Administrators and caDSR Administrators; Developers; Forms Builders; Metadata Curators (Forms); Metadata curators (UML Models)

Tool Overview

The caDSR Sentinel Tool (login required) allows users who have a caDSR account to create and manage Alert Definitions for content in the caDSR. Alert Definitions are a set of rules that are periodically evaluated against the caDSR. If the conditions in those rules are met, a notification is sent to the user by email, with a hyperlink to a report that specifies the changes that have taken place, including a filter to monitor changes made to CDEs associated with CRFs.

Log In Credentials

For more information about log in credentials and managing your account, see the caDSR Password Change Station and Using the Password Change Station.

The caDSR Sentinel Tool provides the capability to:

  • Create and edit reports that monitor all changes to Administered Items including Data Elements, Data Element Concepts, and Value Domains.
  • Filter report content by Context, Specific forms or templates, Classification Scheme, Class Scheme Item, Creator and Modifier.
  • Trigger report generation using Workflow Status, Registration Status, and Version.
  • Set reports to be generated automatically daily, weekly, monthly or on demand.
  • View and copy alerts defined by others.
  • Create a report distribution list which may optionally include a process URL to send the report in XML format to software for evaluation. Refer to caDSR Sentinel Alert Report Process URL Recipients for detailed requirements for a process URL recipient.
  • Perform analysis of caDSR Concepts based on the NCIt and synchronize concept names and definitions with monthly NCIt releases.


Suported caDSR Browser

If there is problem with caDSR, ensure that you are using Mozilla Firefox before contacting Application Support (

The caDSR Sentinel Tool is publicly accessible through an internet browser. For more information, see Sentinel Tool 4.0.7 Release Notes.

Cron Jobs

The Sentinel Tool has cron jobs that run to check and clean up certain data. Some run daily, some run monthly.


Password Change Station

The cron job checks caDSR user account expiration data. If an account will expire in 14 days, 7 days, 4 days, 3 days, 2 days, or 1 day, it will send an email to remind the user. After the account expires, it will not send an email again.

Sentinel Tool

The metatdata cleanup script compares caDSR concept information and EVS concept information. If the concept information does not match, it updates the caDSR concept with the information in EVS.  EVS publishes new content each month.

The sentinel job has four parts:

  1. SimpleSQL refreshes the materialized views and executes other simple SQL daily on the caDSR database.
  2. Clean OCR cleans up the Object Class Relationship (OCR) records in the database that are no longer referenced
  3. Clean Strings cleans up the text strings in the caDSR database and removes all ASCII characters in the 0 - 31 range, changed to a simple space, ASCII 32.
  4. Audit Reports reports Table and Row counts, how many Object Classes are not owned by NCIP, Unused OC, etc.

FAQs, Forum and Support

Getting Support

If you need assistance, contact the CBIIT Application Support Team:

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

For demo files refer to the Test Cases (Sentinel 402 Test Cases).

Documentation and Training

Note:  For an archive of Sentinel Tool documentation, see the Sentinel Tool archive.

The following courses are available to learn more about the Sentinel Tool.

Related Tools

See caDSR Database and Tools for a complete list of caDSR tools.

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