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Every caDSR Tool provides one or more service for updating, reporting and otherwise managing the caDSR database and its content. This page details the metadata which describes a caDSR Tool and these services. By definition a Tool is distinct from an API in that the tool provides a User Interface to control software logic. The tools may or may not incorporate infrastructure software available as separate interfaces independent of the human interface. The UI may be provided via an internet browser such as IE or Firefox, a Swing application or other technology.

As the metadata is refined a formal UML model will be created and annotated.

The word "service" as used on this page refers to a category of general capability and does not refer to the caGRID, Web Service or other specific implementation of a tool capability.


The metadata is persisted within the caDSR database itself thus hosting the metadata description and data instance simultaneously.


  • Id
    The tool id, unique and immutable.
  • Long Name
    The published name used for readability.
  • Short Name
    An abbreviation or ancronym for quick reference, e.g. Sentinel is the short name for the caDSR Sentinel Tool.
  • Version
    The tool version number.
  • Heart Beat Action
    The action to be suffixed to the URL (see above) which is used exclusively for testing the availability and responsiveness of the software, e.g do/heartbeat and The HTTP response is simply a successful status code 200 (see HTTP Status Codes. All other codes are considered a failure and will result in alerts to Systems Administrators. The recommended response message is:

  • Interrogation Action
    The action to be suffixed to the URL (see above) which is used to retrieve registration information, e.g. do/interrogate and Each caDSR Tool is self describing and must respond with well formed XML containing all the metadata described above. more thought...
  • Services
    The list of services provided by the tool, must be one or more of the following:
    • Search
      Provides a means to search all or part of the caDSR.
    • Edit
      Provides a means to edit the caDSR content.
    • Admin
      Provides a means to administer the caDSR database, list-of-value tables, etc.
    • Report
      Provides a means to display detailed caDSR content.
    • Export
      Provides a means to extract caDSR content in some well formed binary form suitable for use by other software.
    • Import
      Provides a means to import content using a well formed binary message.



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