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 This tool is retired. The information and links on this page are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purposes only. 

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At a Glance Details
  • Version Number and Release Date: 4.0.3 June 2013
  • Primary Audience: Developers; Adopters; Metadata Analysts; Protocol Builders, Forms Builders, Metadata Curators (Forms); Metadata curators (UML Models); Context Administrators; Researchers; Clinicians; VCDE Mentors; Architecture Mentors; Compatibility Reviewers
  • Contact: CBIIT Application Support

Tool Overview

The UML Model Browser supports browsing and searching UML Models that have been transformed into caDSR metadata via the UML Loader. This tool allows users to find and view caDSR content that is related to their registered UML models.

The UML Model Browser supports browsing, searching and downloading the CDEs associated with a model in XML. Content may also be accessed as a "model" via a package in the caDSR API.

Within the framework of a UML Model, CDEs are generated at the UML attribute level. The UML Model is annotated using EVS concepts through a process supported by the Semantic Integration Workbench. The annotations on the classes and attributes provide the basis for the semantics of the CDEs. The concepts associated with each class in the model are equated with a caDSR Object Class; the concepts associated with the attribute are equated to a caDSR Property. The DEC is formed from these two parts, and the Value Domain is formed based on the datatype of the attribute and any enumerations or references to an existing caDSR Value Domain.

Searches can be performed based on the UML package, class or attribute names. The search results for Classes contain links to display the details of the associated Object Class, including the associations between classes in the UML Model, or the attributes associated with the Class. The attribute search results display the UML Model attribute name and definition, and contain a hyperlink to display the CDE in the CDE Browser. The attributes can be downloaded in the CDE Browser XML format.

You do not need an account to use the UML Model Browser.

Installation and Downloads

Earlier versions are available in the archive.


CBIIT Application Support email

Documentation and Training

For archived UML Model Browser documentation and materials, see the documentation archives.

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