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The NCI-sponsored activities supporting the Cancer Laboratory Information Management System version 2 (caLIMS v2) have been completed. For users that want to install, host, and/or continue development  of caLIMS v2, the caLIMS v2 software source code is available on the NCIP caLIMS v2 GitHub site.

caLIMS v2 Project News

caLIMS v2: open source development initiative (caLIMS2 DWG/OSDI)
The caLIMS Development Working Group is forming an OSDI to evaluate and extend the current caLIMS v2.c3i0 milestone release. As part of this initiative, members have made a Virtual Machine caLIMSv2.c3i0 version available to the public from the caLIMSv2.c3i0 VM page.
Feedback is welcomed! If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Application Support.

caLIMS v2: discussing open community development plans
The caLIMS Development Working Group is exploring community code contribution as an option to extending the current caLIMS v2.c3i0 milestone release. All ideas are welcomed! If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Application Support.

caLIMS v2.c3i0.0 milestone release
The milestone release version caLIMS v2.c3i0 is now available (as of March 30, 2011) to the caLIMS development community and anyone else interested in testing this version. Refer to Downloads, Documentation and Bug Reports for more information and the download link.

Contents of this Page

Using the caLIMS v2 Wiki

This is the wiki home page of caLIMS v2 (Cancer Laboratory Information Management System 2). Project team members may edit this page and add more pages. Any user may add a comment and we welcome feedback!

Overview of caLIMS v2

The purpose of the caLIMS v2 project is to create a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is interoperable within established caBIG® standards and guidelines and will track a complete laboratory workflow that uses materials from a specimen management service (for example, caTissue) to generate experimental results for one of the caBIG® data management services (for example, caArray).

Core LIMS functions include the management of personnel, equipment, lab supplies and reagents, samples, laboratory workflow and experimentally derived metadata and data. caLIMS v2 will complete the caBIG® bench to bed model by bridging the gap between biospecimen repositories, data repositories and analysis tools. The application is designed to allow easy customization by users and to facilitate integration with laboratory equipment, analytical tools and data sources. caLIMS v2 is highly flexible, making it suitable for use by research labs, high throughput core facilities and public health labs. caLIMS v2 will help further translational cancer research through the organization of laboratory workflow, tracking of specimens, acquisition of laboratory data and metadata, and the appropriate sharing and dissemination of the data to support subsequent analyses. More information and project details can be found using the following links. If you have questions, please contact Application Support.

Downloads, Documentation and Bug Reports

Content of this Wiki

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