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caMOD (cancer Models Database)

To be retired

The NCI caMOD portal (cancer Models Database) will be retired on December 24th, 2015.  For details about the retirement, see the caMOD Retirement Announcement.
Contents of this Page

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At a Glance Details
  • Version Number and Release Date: 2.7.4 November 2013
  • Primary audience: Researchers
  • Grid Enabled? YES
  • Compatibility Level: Silver
  • Installation Level: caMOD is a hosted database
  • System Requirements:
    • Memory 2GB or more (Linux, Solaris or Windows)
    • Disk storage 36 GB (minimum)
    • Database Server: Oracle 9.2.x and above (tested in Oracle 9)
    • Jboss Application Server, 5.1.0 and above (tested in 5.1.0)
    • JRE/JDK 1.6.1

Tool Overview

The cancer models database (caMOD) provides information about animal models for human cancer to the public research community. caMOD provides the following key capabilities to its users:

  • Data Submission: Data in caMOD are extracted from the public scientific literature by curators or they are directly submitted by scientists.
  • Search: Users can retrieve information about the making of models, their genetic descriptions, histopathology, images, microarray data, and therapeutic trials in which the models were used, and other information as well.
  • System Function Administration: The Admin function provides services for user registration, review of submitted models and database management.

The primary users of this tool are researchers interested in detailed information about animal models of human cancer.

Installation and Downloads

caMOD is a hosted database: cancer Models Database.

The caMOD source code is available on GitHub Exit Disclaimer logo .

Forum and Support

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

Documentation and Training

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