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In a sample, you can add results in the form of supporting documents (such as a graphic, spreadsheet, or images) or files relevant to the sample independent of the entity or chemical associations that you defined.

To add a file to a sample

  1. Access a sample composition, as described in Accessing the Sample Composition Summary.
  2. Click the Composition File tab or the All tab and scroll to the File section.
  3. Next to Composition File, click Add.

  4. Select Upload or Enter File URL.
    1. If you select Upload: Click Choose File. Browse and select the file (up to 30 MB). 
    2. If you select Enter File URL: Enter the URL where the document is located.
  5. Complete the following.
    1. Select the File Type (required), Document, Graph, Image, Movie, or Spreadsheet.
    2. Enter the File Title (required).
    3. Specify Keywords to associate with the file.
    4. Enter a Description of additional information of the file.
  6. When you are finished, click Submit to add the file to the sample.

    Editing and Deleting a File

    Once you add a composition file, you can remove the file or edit the composition file information.

    • To delete a file, click Delete.
    • To update the file information, click Edit and on the Edit Composition File page, make the changes and click Update. The list of files is updated.
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