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The Edit Protocol page enables you to edit protocol information and edit access to the protocol.

Updating data after it is Public

Once data is made Public, you can edit the data, but it will be retracted from Public, and you will need to resubmit it to the curator again for review.

  1. Find the protocol of interest, as described in Searching for Existing Protocols
  2. In the search results, in the row for the protocol of interest, click Edit. The Edit Protocol page appears. 
  3. Fill in the following information as needed.

    To enter an alternative to an option, select other if available and enter a value. The value is added to the list of options.

    Edit ProtocolDescription

    Protocol Type*

    Enter or select from the drop-down list the protocol type (required).

    Protocol Name*

    Enter or select from the drop-down list the protocol name (required).

    Protocol Abbreviation

    Enter a shortened phrase used in place of the protocol name.

    Protocol Version

    Enter or select from the drop-down list the protocol version number.

    Enter File URL

    Select Upload or Enter File URL.

    • If you select Upload: Click Choose File. Browse and select the protocol file (up to 30 MB). 
    • If you select Enter File URL: Enter the URL where the protocol is located.
    File TitleThe title of the protocol file.

    Enter any additional description information that the form does not include.

    Access to the Protocol

    For more information, refer to Sharing a Protocol with a User or Group or Making a Protocol Public.

    If you do not add access

    If you do not add access, this item remains private and only you, the owner, can view and/or modify it.

  4. Click Submit when you are done editing the Protocol.

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