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Once a publication is saved and associated with one or more samples, when you search for and edit the sample, you can view the publication(s) from the Navigation Tree, Publications option.

Publications Menu Versus Publications Navigation Tree

If you use the Publications menu, you can associate multiple samples with one publication. If you open a sample first from the Navigation Tree, you can copy the publication to additional samples the same way you copy characterizations to multiple samples. For details, refer to Copying a Characterization to Samples in the Same Primary Organization.

  To access publications function in the Navigation Tree

  1. Click Samples and Search Existing Publications.
  2. Fill in criteria, and click Search.
  3. Click Edit in the search results Action column
  4. The Navigation Tree appears on the left sidebar and comprises functions which you can use to add annotations to the sample.

  5. Click Publication.  
    The All tab displays publications associated with the sample, and the publication identifier, title, authors and year, where appropriate. Additionally, each publication category tab displays its corresponding publications.

    Access to publications

    Publications Summary

    With read-only access, you can review a summary of the publications added to the sample on the All tab.

  6. To open a publication, click the Abstract/Download hyperlink.
  7. To add a publication to the open sample, click the Add button corresponding to the publication type on the All tab or select a publication type tab and add a publication to the sample.

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