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Access to Keyword Search results

If you are not logged in, Keyword Search returns only publicly-available protocols, samples, and publications in the search results.

The caNanoLab keyword search box enables you to search the caNanoLab database across protocols, samples, and publications. On the caNanoLab home page, the keyword search box appears in the upper-right corner. You can perform a search whether you are logged into caNanoLab or on the public home page.

Keyword Search in upper-right of caNanoLab window

To start your search

  1. Enter one or more words in the box.
  2. Click Search.
  3. caNanoLab searches for the keywords that you entered in different fields for a sample, as opposed to a protocol, or a publication.

    The following table lists the fields searched on each database item.

    caNanoLab Database ItemKeyword Search Fields
    • Protocol Name
    • Protocol File Title

    • Keywords
    • Sample Name
    • Sample Point of Contact
    • Nanomaterial Entity Name
    • Nanomaterial Entity Description
    • Functionalizing Entity Name
    • Function
    • Characterization
    • Pubmed ID
    • DOI ID
    • Publication Title
    • Authors
    • Keywords
    • Sample Name
    • Description
  4. The search results display on the Keyword Search Results  listing the protocols first, samples next, and publications last.

    The following table lists and describes the keyword search results columns.

    Keyword Search Results ColumnsDescription

    Click View in the first column to display the item.


    Edit is only available for people that have an account and are logged into the system and are associated with the item.

    If you are logged in, you can also click the + Add to Favorites link to add a bookmark for the sample on your My Favorites tab. Added to Favorites appears in the column when the sample is successfully added.


    If the item is already added as a Favorite, clicking + Add to Favorites displays the <name> has already been added to your favorites message.

    TypeIndicates whether the found item is a protocol, sample, or publication.


    The fully-qualified name of the protocol/sample/publication located in the search.

    Created DateThe date on which the protocol/sample/publication was added to caNanoLab.

    For a sample, the Description is the sample's description of the nanomaterial entity.

    For a protocol, the Description is the protocol's file description.

    For a publication, the Description is the publication's abstract

  5. From the Action column, you can View/Edit the item or add it My Favorites as a bookmark.
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