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At a Glance Details
  • Version Number and Release Date: December 2016
  • Primary audience: Biomedical research practitioners
  • Grid Enabled? Yes (5 analytical services)
  • Compatibility Level: Silver
  • Installation Level: Basic - Wizard or web browser application; minimal technical assistance required
  • System Requirements: Refer to the System Requirements section.

Tool Overview

geWorkbench logo geWorkbench is a platform for integrated genomics, offering strong capabilities in the analysis and visualization of gene expression, sequence, and protein structure data. It offers direct access to numerous external data sources, including bioDBNet, and BioCarta, as well as to sequence, molecular interaction, and structural databases. Written in Java for use on the desktop, geWorkbench is open-source and cross-platform, and has an extensible, component-based architecture. geWorkbench is supported by an active development effort.

Installation and Downloads


System Requirements

geWorkbench is a desktop application providing access to remote data and analysis services. geWorkbench is downloaded as a self-installing package or as Zip archives with support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. To achieve reasonable performance when using realistic data sets, a system configuration with at least 4 GB of RAM is recommended.

Support for geWorkbench

What's New

For news and events, visit What's new for geWorkbench.

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

Documentation and Training

geWorkbench Knowledge Base

Visit geWorkbench FAQ and In-depth Articles to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions and develop understanding of how geWorkbench works.

Visit geWorkbench Demos for an in-depth look at operation of geWorkbench.

Refer to geWorkbench Biological Scenarios to see geWorkbench in action and how to apply geWorkbench to your real biological scenarios.

If you still don't know if geWorkbench is for you, review the Case studies to see examples of how geWorkbench could be used in different scenarios.

Refer to geWorkbench Citations for a list of articles about geWorkbench.

Open-source development

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