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Rembrandt 1.5.6 Release Notes

This release addresses the following:

  • Compliance with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.
  • Application security vulnerabilities issues.

Bugs Fixed Since Last Release

REMBRANDT-556 Removed hyperlink on invalid gene symbols under Gene Symbol Alias Lookup

REMBRANDT-558 The Delete Edit Copy options (on the right pane) for a query are now functional on View Results tab.

REMBRANDT-559 Clinical Report link throwing Internal Server Error if no samples available for the query has been fixed.

REMBRANDT-560 System shows a gene symbol validation message on Gene Expression Analysis even if the symbol is valid. This is fixed.

REMBRANDT-562 Non clickable "?" button next to "Grade" in Clinical Study Analysis has been fixed.

REMBRANDT-711GenePattern Job Results status now gets updated automatically. No need to refresh the page.

Known Issues and Workarounds

  • Raw data files download capability will not be available from Rembrandt portal until Fall 2012. Please download files directly from caArray Portal.
  • WebGenome feature has been disabled as it is being retired. IGV Viewer will be integrated with Rembrandt in the future release.

REMBRANDT-712 (Saved dBSNP Id lists do not return results for copy number queries). To use dBSNP IDs in a query users must enter the IDs in the text field. Saved dBSNP ID lists may erroneously return no results.

REMBRANDT-572 (Gene Expression Analysis page erroneously requests gene entry in IE8). Users may erroneously see a warning that a gene must be entered for gene expression queries when this input has already been specified. This warning can be ignored.

REMBRANDT-569 (Genbank accession number lists are not being properly validated). To use Genbank accession numbers in a query users must enter the numbers in the text field. Saved Genbank accession number lists may erroneously return no results.

REMBRANDT-568 (Saved reporter lists do not return results for gene expression queries). To use reporters in a query users must enter the reporters in the text field. Saved reporter lists may erroneously return no results.

REMBRANDT-715 (Attempts to Edit or Copy a query will inconsistently result in truncated screen)

REMBRANDT-719 (The links to information about caBIO pathways navigate to a blank page)

REMBRANDT-720 (Importing list or query produces internal server error)

REMBRANDT-721 (Attempting to save workspace after organizing produces could not update error)

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