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Subversion is a software versioning and revision control system maintained by the Apache Software Foundation. It is listed as one of the components on the NCI CBIIT Technology Catalog.

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Subversion Repositories at NCI


The main Subversion server at NCI is NCISVN. This is on a regular upgrade cycle. All CBIIT repositories are now hosted here. Repositories can be browsed via -- this redirects to the WebSVN web browsing interface, which provides more metadata in a web browser about a given repository than the direct SVN URL.  However, the web interface is subject to change.  For more permanent links to repositories and locations within repositories, the direct SVN repository path is preferable, starting with

Repository Changes

Consolidation onto NCISVN

By the end of 2011, all repositories formerly on CVS and GForge SVN had been archived or migrated onto the newer NCISVN server.

In most cases, How To Translate URLs For Migrated Repositories can be used to figure out the new location if the old CVS or GForge SVN repository location is known (link conversions). In some cases, the name of the repository has changed. In a few other (rare) cases, the path after the repository is different (because the repository structure was altered). Developers should be able to use the svn switch command to re-set their working copy (checkout) to point to the new repository, e.g., svn switch --relocate <old URL> <new URL>. Most SVN GUI clients have equivalent menu options, e.g., TortoiseSVN: Relocate or Eclipse Subversive: Team > Switch. However, Eclipse Subclipse requires a fresh checkout to a new sandbox area.


In addition, there have been repository changes relevant to the builds of multiple applications. These changes may require updating any build references your projects may have to the automation repository, the scm-private repository, and Ivy and Maven repositories.

Changes Significant to Builds

Repository changes relevant to the builds of multiple applications are listed below. Please update any build references your projects may have to them, if you have not already.

Automation Repository

The automation repository formerly on GForge has been migrated to NCISVN.


The scm-private repository formerly on GForge was used for storing properties specific to application builds and deploys.  Projects are now using the newer repository or AnthillPro properties for handling these properties.

Ivy and Maven Repositories

Storing jars in Ivy repositories is no longer supported at NCI CBIIT. Storing Maven artifacts in Subversion repositories is no longer supported at NCI CBIIT. Nexus has replaced Ivy for artifact management.  Please use Nexus at for retrieving jars and other build dependencies. See Sonatype Nexus Artifact Repository Manager at CBIIT for more details. See Recent Subversion, Ivy and Maven Repository Changes for details on related repository changes to ivy-repo (under commonlibrary), cbiit-ivy-repo, cagrid-repo-copy, and maven-mirror.  Note: Non-Ivy commonlibrary components formerly available under the commonlibrary repository on GForge are now available in the read-only repository. New artifacts should be stored in Nexus.

Further Information


There is more NCI CBIIT development-oriented information available on the restricted Systems Deployment Documents wiki space.


 For general reference information on Subversion see the Version Control With Subversion manual.  GUI tools for Subversion also have more help available.

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