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This is the home page for the Software Configuration Management wiki. This information about Software Configuration Management (SCM) at NCI (primarily CBIIT) is available to the public. More development-oriented information on most of the topics below is available on the restricted Systems Deployment Documents wiki space.

Contents of this Page

Build and Deployment Automation

The SCM team assists development teams with build and deployment automation, including Continuous Integration (CI).  Development teams provide details in a standardized format (starting with wiki templates to provision target environments, and request deployments), and SCM provides examples and sets up the implementation and scheduling on automated build management tools.

Tools and Hosted Services

The SCM team supports tools and hosted services related to software configuration management and collaborative development frameworks.


Former SCM Processes

The SCM team still supports the following areas but is no longer the primary facilitator for them.

Architecture Review Checklists

Intake for engineering/hosting requests are now facilitated via ServiceNow.

Change Management

Change Management is facilitated via ServiceNow. 

Technology Catalog

See the Technology Catalog Wiki Home Page for more information on technology versions and changes to technologies supported at NCI.

SCM Initiative

The Software Configuration Management (SCM) Initiative project on GForge, which contained information about NCI's software development methodology, policies and procedures, has been retired and archives are listed below.  This includes historical information on the change management process and technology stack.

Documents Tab

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Legacy Build and Deployment Automation approach

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