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  • Converts a single XML file to csv format
    • for CDE XML, the file may contain multiple CDEs
    • for CRF XML, the file can contain only one form per transform, if a utility is needed to transform multiple forms at once, please contact NCI help desk
  • Release Notes
  • User Guide
  • REDxCDEv2.0
    • Transformation utility to convert caDSR CDE Browser 4.0.4 XML format into REDCap Data Dictionary as of 2014/11/10
    • Version 2 6-10-2015: Add a check for existing CDE PV Values.  If already a numeric, use existing value. If not, generate a unique value based on the position in the value list.
  • REDxCRFv1REDxCRFv3.10
    • Transformation utility to convert caDSR Form Builder formCart XML format (retrieved from Objcart API) into REDCap Data Dictionary as of 2014/11/10
    • Version 3 includes: 
      • Added support for a top level element <forms> to transform a batch of CRFs 
      • Changed CDEs transformed with non-enumerated VDs to leave out min/max length - all dropdown/radio buttons record a number, so the min/max value of the original Value Domain do not apply in REDcap systems                             
      • Remove "NCI Study ID", this was erroneously left in the transform from testing - it was a single field form
      • Do not set validation unless there are no valid values (text field)
      •  Translate version '.' to '_', period is invalid in REDCap
      • Add selection of Form name as first row in DataDictionary

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